2018 - 2019 MVMC Board of Directors

Our Board includes members at large from the chorale and from the community.  Each Board member is elected by the membership of MVMC at our annual Membership Meeting the Monday following our final spring concert, 7:00PM at Grace Lutheran Church in Apple Valley, MN.  We encourage all members, donors, and any interested parties to attend the meeting.

Minutes from all Board meetings are available, upon request, through the secretary of the Board of Directors.  Each Board member serves a three year term and is eligible to serve as many terms as they are re-elected for.  The executive seats are elected by the Board on an annual basis at the first Board meeting following the membership meeting.  The artistic director of The Minnesota Valley Men's Chorale serves as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.


Garret Pratt, President


Garret Pratt is a founding member of the Minnesota Valley Men’s Chorale, is a member of the tenor II section and has been section leader of the tenor sections. Garret began singing with Judy Sagen in 1977 and started singing with Steve Boehlke as a sophomore in the Rosemount concert and chamber choirs in 1981. Garret worked towards a music education – vocal degree at UW-Eau Claire, where he sang with The Singing Statesmen and at the U of M where he sang with Kathy Romey and the U of M Concert Choir. Garret also is a member of the Canticle Choir, Praise Team and Bells of Joy bell choir at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie.

Garret spent six years in the United States Marine Corps as military police and as a marksmanship instructor. Garret now works for Makita Power Tools as the market service manager for the state of Minnesota.  A great joy of Garret’s is singing with his son Josh Pratt as part of MVMC.


Mike Champ, Vice president


Mike Champ is a founding member of the Minnesota Valley Men’s Chorale and is one of the founding members of the tenor I section. Mike began singing when he was 6 years old and started singing with Steve Boehlke as a junior (the year Steve came to Rosemount High School). Mike sang with Judy Sagan in the summer of 1977 in the musical "The Wizard of Oz" and in 1978 in the "Music Man." Mike is also one of the founding members of the NOW music team at Rosemount United Methodist Church.

Mike studied opera after high school before he went on to tech school to become computer field engineer. Mike is currently a senior systems engineer with General Dynamics in Bloomington. 

In his spare time you can find Mike on the golf course or, in the fall, at Gopher football games.






Bill is a founding member of the Minnesota Valley Men’s Chorale and of the board of directors. A lifelong choir singer, he has had the good fortune of singing under the direction of some of the best: Jon Peterson, Dale Warland, Dr. William Wyman, and Steve Boehlke.

Bill works at Sierra Bravo Corporation and lives in Apple Valley.



JAY REDING, Secretary


Jay Reding is the only non-singing member of the MVMC Board. While possessing a singing voice that could be declared as a weapon of mass destruction, Jay is delighted to be able to work with a group that encourages life-long singing. Jay was a violinist for the Gustavus Adolphus College Symphony Orchestra, the Sioux Falls Washington Symphony Orchestra, and the Des Moines Youth Orchestra.

Jay currently practices as a litigation attorney with the ASK law firm.


Jeff hegna


Jeff Hegna has been singing most of his life, including swing choir in high school, The Singing Statesmen at UW-Eau Claire - under the direction of Morris D. Hayes - church choir for Rosemount United Methodist Church (over 15 years), and most recently with the MVMC. He definitely believes in the mantra of MVMC that singing can be a life long journey no matter what age and can be enjoyed by all.

Jeff has been in the financial industry for over 30 years with various roles and responsibilities, with his current role working for U.S. Bank as a corporate compliance manager.

Jeff has served on several boards and committees throughout his career at the local, state, and national level. Jeff has been married for 25 years to his wife Shari and has 2 daughters, Natalie and Andrea.




Dave Erkens first began singing in grade school when our choir director twisted my arm to join her choir. He decided he liked it and it has been a part of his life ever since. Jeff sang in school choirs and church choirs, joining MVMC in the fall of 2011. He enjoys singing with a group of men. 

Dave currently works at R.E. Purvis & Associate’s, an industrial seal distributor, as the head of inside sales and customer service. The company provides hydraulic and pneumatic seals in the recreational vehicle market, commercial lawn care, and light construction equipment markets.


Jerry Ewing


Jerry Ewing is a founding member of the Minnesota Valley Men’s Chorale. He started singing in the church choir shortly after his voice changed, at about age 35. Jerry sang in the church choir under Steve Boehlke, and Jerry’s three children later sang in Boehlke’s choirs at Rosemount High School.

Since retiring from a career in information systems project management, he spends his time planning vacations, tending his collection of 130,000 photos, reading and writing, with a particular fondness for things like bylaws, policies and procedures, and grant applications.  

Now, if he just knew one musical note from another …




Bob Allen joined the Minnesota Valley Men’s Chorale in 2014, and has sung in the senior choir and played handbells at Grace Lutheran Church with Steve Boehlke for over 25 years. A member of the bass II section, Bob enjoys music with tight vocal harmonies. In High School Bob sang in several mixed choruses and ensembles including a barbershop quartet, and performed with a select group from four high schools at Orchestra Hall in Chicago under the direction of Margaret Hillis. Prior to MVMC, Bob spent over 10 years with Exultate, a professional chamber chorus and orchestra.

Bob and his wife Jane, who sings with the Minnesota Valley Women's Chorale, have three daughters, all of whom have sung in District 196 with Steve Boehlke and Judy Sagen. Bob recently retired from the pharmaceutical industry, and looks forward to traveling and spending more time with his seven grandchildren (the kids say this is the last one). 




Eric Ebert joined MVMC in 2010 after returning to Minnesota following four years on the frozen tundra of Green Bay. He sang in the University of Wisconsin - River Falls concert and men’s choirs for three years, where he met director Stephen Boehlke and MVMC founding member Kris Kulsrud.

Eric graduated from River Falls in 2006 with a degree in journalism. He currently works in risk and compliance for CastleHill Risk and lives in Lakeville with his wife and two children


Josh pratt


Josh Pratt joined MVMC in 2014, which happened to be a year after he began to sing. Being an instrumentalist the majority of his life, Josh primarily focused on saxophone, bass guitar, piano, and any other instrument he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until he was asked to help out in a church musical that he found his voice. Always trying to improve, Josh began taking voice lessons and joined the Inver Hills Community College Choir (which he ended up becoming the president of). Josh has been performing professionally for the better part of a decade with the bands Saving Vinyl City, Black Genesis, and supporting fellow MVMC member, Nur-D. His accolades include being named “Top Five Local Bands” in 2016 and 2017, as well as “Top Local Concert” in 2018. 

Josh is a Content Expert at Tria Orthopaedic Center, as well as a host for Trivia Mafia. He currently lives in Farmington with the love of his life, his cat Mira. His wife also lives there.

For the biography of our artistic director, Steven Boehlke, please visit our staff page.